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"Desperately need more than 8 hours of sleep"
Someone whose not even getting 6

Posted: 1 day ago

Guys & I do not work out when I first meet/talk to them. I wish I could keep them as friends, but apparently the thought of them having the chance to be more than just friends is more important the moment they meet me than trying to have a friendship (which lead to relationships (and good ones) eventually anyways); awkwardness occurs afterward as well when I deny the chance to be more than friends.

Point is, I wish males didn’t move so fast.. Enjoy a females friendship.

Posted: 1 day ago

Anonymous said: you support domestic violence?


Posted: 1 day ago

I’m unfollowing anyone who reblogs “danii phae’s’” post

Posted: 1 day ago

eldane2796 said: girl did i ever tell you, you have no flaws? good Lord. ok thats it bye xx Have a safe n productive week xx

Girl let me tell u that you’re an angel sent from above, and I appreciate your message sooo much!

Posted: 3 days ago

demigodsdestroy said: Is your name Skwean or are you just cute?

I’m just cute 😋

Maybe both

Posted: 3 days ago

"Of course I want to fall in love. All I want to be is in love; beautiful, sweet, heavenly, warm love.."

Posted: 4 days ago